Southwest Training

October 18, 2008

Hello everyone!  I’m in Dallas training for Southwest airlines.  I am a customer service agent and so far it really like it.  I have been in Dallas for 1 week and yesterday was my 1 month anniv. :).  I will be here another week then I get to come home.  I hope everyone is doing good in CO.


Lake Powell pt 3

August 27, 2008

Ok, lets get out there and have some fun!!!

GO Heather!







Me Skiing!

The water is so warm and calm it makes it so easy.

Andra Belly boarding!!!


OK, stay tuned for next time when it is all about tubing and the pain it causes!!!

Lake Powell pt 2

August 26, 2008

Ok so besides all the speed boat fun you spend most of your day floating in the water. Mind you it is about 95-100 everyday and there is no AC so the water is your friend. So here are a bunch of photos of us floating in the water. 🙂

So this is Bryson, Shanna, Ben, Heather, Andra and Pam once again floating!! The water current would carry you down stream so we had a rope we would hold on too and then we would hold on to each other. Super fun!

I bet you can guess what we are doing!! In this photo you have Ben, Bryson and Shanna, me and Andra. We are keeping cool and yes mom I have sun screen on! 🙂

Me and Amber, it’s funny Autumn, Amber and I all bought the same floaty and didn’t realize it until we got there. Ok not that funny but what ever.

Lake Powell pt 1

August 25, 2008

Ok so I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the photos and how to get them uploaded and online.  Here is the first shot of our houseboat with Matt being pulled on a tube.

This is a shot up the channel toward the main channel.  Pretty huh!  I’m trying to find the map of the channels online.  To give you and idea of where we were.  Here is a run down on the trip.  We left Denver at about 5:30 AM and arrived at Lake Powell the Bull Frog launch at about 3 PM.  We were hoping our boat would be ready to go but it was not.  You have to get out of the harbor area with enough time to find a spot and dock before the sun goes down.  So we unloaded all our stuff with the help of these great guys that have ATV’s that pull carts we filled 4 carts!  We had a lot of stuff for 16 people for 4 days.  So we just prayed and got ready for our boat to come back (from the previous renters).  We blew up air mattresses and floaties and just waited.  Mind you it was like 100 out so we were all pretty darn hot!  So our boat came in around 5 and at this point we are being told we are going to have to stay the night in the harbor.  First they have to clean the boat and then we have to load and then the have to do a run through with you to make sure everything is ok and then you have to have someone else drive you out of the harbor in case something goes wrong you are not to blame.  UGH!!  We did not want to stay the night in the harbor!  But PTL we loaded that boat in like 20 minutes by just throwing everything on it willy nilly.  And Dave (Pam’s dad) waved someone else driving us out of the harbor and we were off.  We were so happy but we were still racing the sun.  It would take us about 2 hours to get to the spot we would be docking (the photos are the view from around the boat).  So as we drove to our spot we organized the boat and put everything away.  The thing is since your not in the city when the sun goes down it gets very dark and you don’t want to run you boat into any rocks and damage it.  But we made it to our spot with about 20 minutes to sunset to spare.  When you get there you basically run your boat up on the sandy shore and you tie yourself to the land using the anchors.  Then we had 2 speed boats which where tied up to the shore next to use.  Let the fun begin!

Long time no Blog

August 14, 2008

Hello all of you out there in blog land.  I do realize it has been a long time.  Sorry about that I’m sure the 12 people that have been reading my blog are beside themselves in tears because I have been gone.  😉  So I will have a Powell update as soon as I get the photos from Pam.  It was a lot of fun. 

I should be hearing from Southwest Airlines in the next few days and will be getting my start date.  I am so bored just working at Bonefish!!!  I really don’t do much during the week.  I try to stay close to home so I don’t spend money.  🙂  I have had a great summer going out on Pam’s dads boat and I learned to wake board last weekend.  Not to brag but I got up on my second try.  Well that’s all for right now, I’m sitting in my friend Holly’s living room watching her finish up moving out of her place.  You never realize how much stuff you have until you move!!  Ok I hope my next blog  will be about Powell.

My parents have sold their home (well they have a closing date).  They are closing on July 30th but they can’t move until the following week.  This is all very good news!!  My dad has accepted a job in my mothers office in Lincoln and will be headed down there in August.

I’m very excited to have them closer and maybe I will finally get my digital camera.  My dad had not mastered his new one yet so he was unwilling to give up his old one. 🙂  But hopefully a visit from my brother enlightened him on how to use the new camera.

I am super excited for my trip to lake powell next week!!  I will post photos when I get back.

Day 2

June 17, 2008

Well, I’m back at the library and on a library PC. I believe I got here before all the pre-teens have awoken from there summer sleep-in slumber.  I have to use the library’s PC when I want to print.  Yes, yes I realize that from a technology stand point (lisa-ism) I live in 1982 at home.  No cable, internet and my printer really doens’t work well. 🙂

I head to Nebraska tomorrow so I doubt there will be a day 3-5 update, please don’t cry!! 🙂

Day 1

June 16, 2008

I sit here at my local public library with my now working laptop (well worth the $250).  I am optimisticabout what God has for me.  I got a lot done today and now I must head to the grocery store before heading to the great Bonefish Grill. 🙂

My one funny rant about the public library and the necessity of your own laptop.  As a few of you may know this is not my first time being laid off and I seem to be laid off in the summer months.  This can be a blessing an curse.  For the library is swarming with bored out of school kids.  What are they doing during the summer, running outside enjoying there freedom?!?!  No, why they are updating their myspace pages and playing games online in the library.  My issue is I have to wait for them to get off of the library PC’s so I can look for a job.  And when there is a wait for PC’s you only get 30 min. and then you have to get off and reserve another PC.  This can be very trying when you are in the middle of a good job search or you are applying for a job and are forced off by pre-teens wanting to download songs onto their itunes.  Now don’t get me wrong I think they should have their time but come on they need there own set PC’s so tax payers like me can find a job and continue to pay taxes so they (and myself) can continue to use the PC’s for free at the library!

OK that is all for today.  I’m off to by food so I don’t eat out. 🙂


Mommy’s coming

June 4, 2008

My mom will be here on Friday and I’m uber excited!!  She is also bringing me a digital camera so I can add more photos to my blog.

That is all.

Well as many of my normal readers (meaning the only people that know about my blog) know I have been laid off.  My last day being employed will be June 13th.  Part of me is really excited but I’m also a realist who hates debt and is still in the process of paying of debt from my last 2 lay offs. 😦

I really got myself laid off by being honest with my employer and letting them know I was looking for another job and had 1 really good interview.  So I got added to the lay off list.  Really it isn’t all bad maybe this is the kick in the pants I needed to get back into my field of study TV production.  It is just a tough road and ugh I don’t want to.  Also I’m blessed to have a pretty good paying part time job waiting tables so I should be able to take my time to find a job I love.

So everyone pray!!  I am looking forward to having some time off when the weather is nice.  I reminds me of last summer. 😉